• CPU / Processor - You want an efficient processor, the faster the better. "Skylake" or "Haswell-E" Core i7 processors by Intel are best.
  • Main Board / Motherboard - Z170 or X99 chipset motherboards are best for optimal performance and efficiency. Motherboards with voltage control means more stability for the processor.
  • Cooling - Don't bother with water cooling, air cooled systems run just as fast and reliably. Standard Intel coolers don't work either because they don't transfer heat efficiently. Phase change cooling works best for keeping the processor cool during high volume trading days.
  • Memory - 8GB will meet current needs. 16GB will prepare you in advance for future software requirements of most trading software.
  • Power Supply - Higher wattage power supplies are manufactured better and provide a stronger base for your trading computer.
  • Graphics Cards / Video - Expensive graphics cards capable of 3D rendering or shading aren't needed for trading computers. What you want are cards that can provide for multiple monitors. Having two or more video cards will allow you to have up to eight monitors.
  • Hard Drives - SSDs are faster and less fragile than Hard Disk Drives (HDDs). A trading computer can benefit more from having a small, fast SSD with a second HDD for backups and storage.
  • Internet Speed - 10 Gigabits of download bandwidth is all you should need for your trading software. In this case, more is not better.
  • Warranty - You will rely on your warranty as much as you will rely on your trading computer. After the warranty expires it's better to buy a new system with a new warranty than run without one.


  • An i5 or i7 processor.
  • RAM of 8 GB is good and 16 GB is very good. Dedicated graphics card is an added advantage for multi-monitor setup..
  • SSD drive is a must ( Data reading and Writing very fast), 120 GB or 250 GB for only C drive, then can add a Caddy Drive for Normal HHD for storage and back up.
  • Above configurations can be setup on desktop or laptop.
  •  If you are using Laptop use an additional CPU cooler.
  •  Set your PC in high performance mode.
  • Windows 7 professional version 64 bit.
  •  Do not install unnecessary software on the trading station.
  • Run antivirus full scan weekly on Sunday (Microsoft Security Essential will do the job, if you have genuine version of Windows, else Kaspersky is a good one).
  • Clean temporary files regularly using applications like CCleaner.
  • Always close Chrome or Mozilla, if done using it.
  • And a good internet connection with low latency like fixed broadband or 4G.

And that’s all …you are good to go…


  • The only advantages of VPS is internet up-time, i.e you will never be disconnected  from internet.
  •  I had very unpleasant experiences running VPS, I even went up to12 GB DDR4, 6 X 2.5 GHz Xeon processor,75 GB SSD, but performance supper lagged.Can not run even four Nest traders on it simultaneously while my core2duo, 4GB DDR2, old 2008 Compaq C700 (I changed only hard drive to 500 GB SSD) runs perfectly without hanging.And forget about running Amibroker with data connections, I was once in deep trouble,  I connected 100 scrips on amibroker and running live trades.After a 2-3 hours , I observed data export to amibroker is super delayed.And I lost few bucks due it.So guys paying per month INR1000 to VPS providers is not wise.Instead you can buy a very good company unsold old inventory or very good old used laptop (i5 or i7) and you will have a free laptop within 10 months rather paying VPS providers.And for your information, I'm using two i5, 4 GB RAM old laptops and I'm supper happy about  the performance.
  • If any one convinced buying old (not really old) laptops with desired configurations, I have few good suppliers can provide the desired one with surprisingly low price.Please contact me for further details.  
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